Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Journey

The day has finally arrived and I'm so excited!  I am going on vacation from cancer!  Literally and figuratively.

We have an annual tradition of spending the week of Thanksgiving in Florida with Beloved's family, and we have a standing reservation at a lovely little holiday village in the Florida Keys.  Given my track record for the year so far, littered with cancelled vacations, and my seemingly perpetual state of medical instability,  I was really worried that this trip was going to go the same way as the others.  Cancelled!

But, no!  I am actually going and my bags are packed.

Okay there was a slight hiccup with the recent collapsed lung episode.  Dr Cuteness, in his adorable way, did declare a no-fly zone for my lung for at least a month.  Eegads, we really had to scramble to figure this out.  Driving was out of the question, as Beloved couldn't extend his vacation time, and quite frankly the thought of spending 24 hours driving down I-95 is about as appealing as having a surgical intervention for a collapsed lung.  Plus I have serious doubts as to Beloved's ability to pay attention for that long.  So what to do?

Well folks, I'm turning the travel clock back one hundred years or so and will be traversing the east coast all the way to Miami on the train.  For all twenty-six fun filled hours.  Actually I'm rather looking forward to it.  I managed to book the last sleeper compartment on the train so at least a third of the ride will be spent snoozing, and as for the other eighteen hours?

Quite frankly, I don't really care.  As long as it doesn't involve people in white coats, needles, rude bitches decked out in pink breast cancer awareness gear, emergency rooms, scans, medical waiting rooms, insurance forms, consents, chemotherapy, blood tests, port flushes, surgical interventions, or anything else remotely resembling the cancer "journey",  I'm happy as a pig in mud.

Amtrak Sleeping Car

And once I get there, I'm planning on eating a crap load of conch fritters.  Deep fried and delicious particularly when consumed on a warm sunny day with a view of the ocean.

Feelings of bliss and excitement for the first time in a very long time.


I swear I could eat the whole plate!

What's your next vacation? Or staycation? What are you doing for Thanksgiving?


  1. Most excellent!! Go, eat, enjoy and have a wonderful time.

  2. Not sure when I will actually get a vacation but since Alaska is so big we plan on staying somewhere in the State. Have fun though! I know next year we plan on getting to Hawaii, which is actually pretty cheap to get to from Alaska. Eat a fritter for me!

  3. I am absolutely thrilled for you and DB:)


  4. I've got friends who regularly take the train down to FL - it always seems seems kind of fun & romantic to me.

    I just got back from Cambodia. R. was in Asia for concerts so I joined him for vacay. At first I thought I was too busy to go, then decided that was really too stupid - at the end of my life which will be more memorable: cleaning my house or Cambodia?

    Have a great time!!! Wishing you good weather & a blissful doctor-free time - with lots of fried conch fritters!

  5. Good for you! Have a great time! xx

  6. Ah Rach.... "Feelings of bliss and excitement for the first time in a very long time."
    FANTASTIC. ENJOY. Those fritters sure look good, make mine a plate too!
    Best, Sarah

  7. Rachel, I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

  8. Rachel,
    Have a GREAT trip!!! I did the auto train in a sleeper compartment with my daughter one August to get her back to UM. The train was FUN! It was an adventure and it was quite enjoyable to walk around into the "bar car" and the dining car. Good job on the sleeper cabin-we were quite happy despite the fact that a mom/daugher do NOT belong in "confined" quarters for that long!!!! Enjoy!

    You will have quite a story to tell about the train ride itself and I am looking forward to hearing all about the way your journey begins. WiFi? Update us in real time!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving, my friend. You gave me the first thing to put on my gratitude list for the holiday this year!


  9. Just ignore my sister when she disparages train travellers - it is the only way to travel of course. It is only for the creative folk, only they could be hypnotised by new landscape :P

  10. Lovely post Rach. Being so excited will obviously be good for you xxx


    Happy Thanksgiving, my friend. You are definitely high on my gratitude list this year.


  12. I am thrilled to hear this news! I have always thought a train trip would be loads of fun. Have you seen the old movie "North by Northwest" with Cary Grant? (romance on a train...) Eating a plate of fried fritters while looking at the ocean sounds like an excellent idea. Enjoy your holiday and time away. You both certainly deserve it. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  13. Have a total blast!!! And NO medical hiccups!! xxxxxxx

  14. have fun, rach! enjoy the sun, sand, and fried conches. xoxo

  15. Oh this sounds perfect - train journeys are my favourite way to travel, fun, exciting, restful and as stress free as can be, especially the longer the journey. Wishing yo and BD a really refreshing and revitalising doctor free break and a lovely travel adventure.

  16. Enjoy the break! And the nostalgic ride - way to support an American Government quasi-public/private money-losing taxpayer draining enterprise on your way to celebrate a very American of American holidays! A quadruple whammy.

    All the best, lots of love hugs and kisses to you and yours.

    PS Can Newman ride along?


  17. I can't ever take a vacation because illnesses use up my time off from work. But, I definitely will be imagining you, sitting in the Florida sunshine, eating conch and enjoying a good time. Have fun!

  18. Hey Jersey Girl!! Have an awesome time...soak it all up! Happy Thanksgiving and know that I am thankful for knowing and meeting you. Safe journey my friend! Looking forward to the next post. <3 Uvmer

  19. Life is best savored in the moments. Embrace and savor each and every one. Wishing you, and your chosen one, much to be grateful for in this holiday season.

  20. So happy for you, Rachel!! A train trip sounds wonderful; I've always wanted to do that.

    Enjoy your time in Florida. Hell, you deserve it.

    For Thanksgiving, I'm having a friend over. Very simple, but exactly the way I want it.

  21. Just checking to see if you're back. I hope it was wonderful.

  22. Conch fritters sound awesome! I actually had to take the train down from NY to FL when I was little because my ears needed to clear in the sun or major surgery was the next step. My grandmother took me... your picture of the sleeping cabin reminds me of my grandmother tying me into the top bunk (I was 5) with bathrobe belts...hope you get some R&R from medical world


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