Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stop The Train !

You may have noticed an uptick in my blogging activity in this month of pink October.  It's not because I want to make you more aware of breast cancer than you already are.  And it's not because I think I'm  a gifted and talented writer, who is a fountain of knowledge of all things breast cancer, and brimming with intelligent witticisms that I just can't wait to share with you.  Nope.   It's because I can't get away from stinking breast cancer, especially during October, and it makes me so crazy that the only recourse I feel I have is to inflict my blogging on you, my poor abused reader.

I went to Lowe's this morning and nearly tripped over the very large display of Susan B. Komen ghastly pink house flags.   And the "Holiday Pink Lighted Doe" that you can put on your front lawn and thus display your allegiances and unquestionable benevolence to the cause, and make your neighbors feel guilty that they aren't doing as much as you.  I go to the supermarket and I get accosted at the checkout to donate, then at the door on my way out, then find I've accidentally purchased the very pink products that I rail about.  Every time I log onto Facebook someone has changed their picture to a pink ribbon, or pinked their photograph, or is sending me a request to advertise my bra color all in the name of Breast Cancer Awareness.  

A Breast Cancer Frog ?  WTF ?
I'm even getting bombarded with targeted Facebook advertisements for every tacky pink product ever produced,  all because I decided to "Like" Breast Cancer Action's Facebook page.   Seems horribly ironic, given what Breast Cancer Action stands for.  Here's a  sampling of the kinds of product  I'm talking about.  I mean come on ?  Who is buying this shit ? Have people been so brainwashed, that they honestly believe that buying any of this crap it makes the world of breast cancer a better place ?  

What about a Breast Cancer Barbie ?

Honestly folks, Pinktober has become such a nightmarish festival of all things wrong with our consumerist culture, and just a very sad reminder to me at how vacuous, stupid and ridiculous the pink ribbon cause has become.  This whole month, and every time I see another puerile pink-ribbon product promotion,  only serves to make me feel even more stressed, angry, isolated and alienated.  

Sparkly Breast Cancer Shoes.
Just tap the heels together
and chant "I want to be cured, I want to be cured"
and it will be.

So to all the geniuses who keep coming up with these things.  Good job !  Thanks for making me feel even shittier about having breast cancer than I already do.  And to all the people in world afflicted with some other nasty incurable disease ?  I'm sorry and I'm embarrassed that you have to put up with this crap, because as bad as it makes me feel, I can't even imagine how you feel.

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