Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How Would You Spend The Money?

Today, dear reader,  I am putting you in charge of a charity.  Your charity's stated mission is to find a cure for a presently incurable disease.  On the back of this mission, your charity has successfully raised a large sum of money from both corporate sponsors and the general public.  It's time to meet with your Board to decide how to spend the donations your charity has received.

If a charity's mission is to CURE a disease, what should be it's TOP priority in spending the donations it receives?

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  1. Anna, I just have to say it too, research, research, research!!!

  2. And the winner is... ta da - RESEARCH!

  3. ... much much more for social support for the very ill women, especially if the disease progresses, assurance on social security. Most of the young women dying on BC often are very poor in their last days and it's a shame for our "modern societies"!


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