Friday, June 4, 2010

Pink Boob Award Nominations Continue.....

Keep those nominations coming in people ! Check out the latest additions and some very worthy contenders at that. Can we top the pink-washed garbage truck currently plying the streets of New York City ? Big thanks to my friend Owen for that one. Or how about the tackiest pink frog figurine I've ever seen which includes the bonus witty catchphrase...."Hop for Hope". Lord give me strength !!!

And whilst we're on the subject of all things breast cancer tacky, did anyone catch this little snippet from the Jezebel blog on something called "The Twin Titties Series" ? I might need to create a separate award category for the best of the worst breast cancer fundraising events. Not sure how we could top this one though. Check it out. So unbelievably offensive, I'm completely lost for words right at this moment.

[Editors Note:  Click here to view the Pink Boob Awards Gallery]


  1. Are you now technically an "activist"? I knew you couldn't remain retired...too much intellectual curiosity. I predict you will be on Oprah soon.


  2. I think to anoint myself with the title of "activist" I either need to go on Oprah or appear before Congress, neither of which has happened yet. Until such time I am content with "angry bitch".


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