Thursday, May 6, 2010

Your Pink Boob Award Nominations Please !

I have decided I can no longer ignore the plethora of pink products that are currently available for your purchase from all those altruistic corporate Gargantua's. With that said I've decided to do my bit. Today I am launching the inaugural Pink Boob Awards. Yes, that's right ! I am now accepting nominations for the most tacky, most ridiculous, and most pointless pieces of garish pink merchandise out there that you, my avid readers, can find. You'll see a list to the right of this page of the most recent nominations, which I will endeavor to keep updated in a timely manner. So get cracking, keep your eyes peeled, and send me your nominations either via the comments section or email me at

[Editors Note:  Please click here to view the Pink Boob Awards Gallery]

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