Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Please Stop Painting the Town Pink

For those who haven't seen it I wanted to share a great post from Peggy Orenstein on Paint the Town Pink and the general state of Pinkwashing. 

I continued to be amazed by all of the support I have recieved from all of Rachel's friends and colleagues.  It means more to me than you can imagine.   



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  2. Anthony, we may get distracted & be up to our ears in alligators sometimes, but believe me, we're all still here. Not long after you and Peggy posted about this, I found this infuriating ad on my Facebook sidebar for a "Turn Your City Pink" campaign hosted by Seimens. I found their FB page & posted yours & Peggy's posts, then got some of my blog readers to post a few 'guerilla' comments on their page about how misguided and inadequate these kinds of campaigns are. A day doesn't go by that I don't think of Rachel. Just had a nice email gab with Breast Cancer Action about her, too. We all miss her so much. Sending lots of love, Kathi

  3. Thank you for keeping this wonderful blog up on line for people to find. I am in awe of the ways Rachel Moro touched the lives of people around her, and still continues to provide a light for those she left behind, even including strangers who unknowingly lost her before they were even aware of her.
    My best to her family and friends.

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