Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Breast Cancer Action

I was honored recently to be asked by Breast Cancer Action to help them with their annual fundraising campaign.  At first I was hesitant, because as a blogger I value my ability to speak independently, and I wondered if such an association could somehow hinder that.  But since I have donated to Breast Cancer Action for many years, even prior to starting this blog,  I'm proud to publicly support an organization that I admire, trust implicitly, and whose values align with mine.  

My essay "I refuse to quietly succumb" is featured on BCA's Think Before You Pink blog, and explains why I am a regular donor to this worthy organization.  If you are pondering a year-end donation, I do hope you might consider Breast Cancer Action in your plans. 

There are also other charitable organizations listed on this blogs right side bar which I invite you to explore, particularly those dedicated to metastatic breast cancer research and support and listed under "Metastatic Breast Cancer Resources".  



  1. Rach, thank you for continuing to speak out. You will never lose your individuality and independence whoever you support, your voice is truly yours. And I am so grateful to have you in the alternative conversation about breast cancer.

  2. Ditto BeingSarah. Your open narrative and critique of the PRM reinforces my desire to keep asking questions!! Here's to more pushing back in 2012!

  3. Rachel, you are simply amazing. I LOVED your posting, and you have really been so integral to changing the breast cancer conversation.

  4. Wow! That's awesome. Congratulations - you're advocacy is truly inspiring!

  5. I respect the important work Breast Cancer Action does. I respect your writing and advocacy work as well. Pairing the two 'forces' together, what a perfect combo. Keep on speaking up. Keep on speaking out. People are listening. You are making a difference.

  6. What a fantastic blog! So many links and resources! Thank you for linking to my blog. I will post a link to yours on mine tomorrow.
    Hope you are doing ok.
    One Nipple Up!
    Robyn Michele Levy
    aka Ms. Mastectomy

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  8. Nice. It is worth doing such things because it creates awareness to the public.
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