Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fried Breasts !

Well folks, there's not many times in my life that I can honestly say words fail me. Except maybe the time I was told I had breast cancer at the ripe old age of 33 years old. And the last time I got a bill for landscaping work done at my house. Oh yeah, and then there was time I got pulled over for driving "crookedly". Mmmmm......but anyway let's stick to the point of this posting.

So all the online wires, blogs, action groups etc have been alive with much heated discussion over the latest wrongs to be foisted on the breast cancer community by corporate America. I think this one just about takes my breast, excuse me breath, away.

Check this out. Kentucky Fried Chicken have jumped on the marketing opportunity of using poor little breast cancer victims to peddle their products. Aptly named, "KFC's Buckets for the Cure", for every "Pink Bucket" of fried chicken sold, KFC will kindly donate 50c to that other corporate titan of charitable industry, Susan G. Komen for the Cure. And if you click on the website link you are met with a very somber and depressing piece of musak, just to put you in the mood for gorging on fried chicken, and a huge pink bucket decorated with the faces of all the poor little breast cancer victims, for which you can click on read about their inspirational stories. After looking through this website I feel like emotionally eating my way through fifty buckets of the stuff, I'm just so touched by the whole thing. Which is the point right, because if I eat fifty buckets of the stuff that results in a donation of $25.00 !

But let's back up a little bit and really dissect this campaign. First of all the name. Couldn't they have come up with something catchier and little more on point ? What's wrong with "Buckets of Breasts for the Cure", or "Non Cancerous Breasts are Best", or "Kentucky Fry's Breast Cancer", or even "Breasts are Better Fried than Cancerous".....come on people a little more imagination and pizazz please !

And why stop at fried chicken ? Why don't we just go all the way in testing the bounds of common sense and decency for that matter and have pink campaigns on other highly questionable products. How about "Carcinogenic Chemicals for the Cure", "Tobacco Giants United against Cancer", "Illegal Drug Pushers for the Cure", "Pink Products with TransFats", "Synthetic Hormones for a Cancer Cure Now"....please do let me know if you have other suggestions for genius pink-related campaigns. At this rate we could increase cancer rates tenfold, insuring that if and when a cure does emerge, everyone will have it and will then have to buy the cure. Win-win for sure !

But really, how can KFC honestly think that peddling their fatty, undoubtedly hormone-riddled, fried, obesity causing, thereby breast cancer risk increasing chicken, qualify them to stand behind the platform of finding a cure for breast cancer ? People the lunatics are running the asylum. This isn't a good thing, and once again the breast cancer population are the stool pigeons all in the name of corporate greed and profits. Once again I'm reminded of Breast Cancer Action group's work in this area, and would recommend that people make themselves aware of their excellent "Think Before You Pink" campaign and see these ridiculous self-serving corporate campaigns for what they really are. Exploitative and about profits and profits only.


  1. coincidentally, the chicken breasts in those pink buckets probably have cancer....

  2. How about the Susan G. Komen Nascar Racing Team? They could sponsor the Chevy Mammarro car.

  3. And their racing helmets could be in the shape of breasts....if they crash the helmets will simply look like breasts that have been through breast cancer treatment......the possibilities are endless.....;)

  4. What about after you eat the cancerous fried chicken while looking at the pink bucket, you could move on to PeptoBismal to take care of your aches and pains ("Pink BEFORE You Puke")

  5. Pink before you's cause-related marketing gold !

  6. Only problem is that if you are taking PB, you are not "puking" out of your mouth...maybe it should be "Pink BEFORE You Poop"!!!!

  7. I believe what we are talking about is two separate campaigns here....the marketing opportunities are endless....clearly !!!!

    How about this one for all those anti-diarrheal medicines...."Stop it up before IT stops you" just gets better.....;)


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